You're Paying More in Turnover Than You Think!

If most companies actually sat down and calculated the cost of replacing employees lost due to turnover this year, they would LOSE their mind! 


Onboarding Matters!!

Research shows that Millennial employees are leaving their current jobs for a new position every 18 months on average. This is seriously bad news for companies who spend enormous amounts of money recruiting, hiring, training and certifying employees only to lose them in less than two years.

genWHY believes that encouraging organizations to make fundamental changes, such as re-focusing on onboarding and allocating adequate time to that process, will drastically reduce turnover. By setting clear expectations for new employees, giving them more resources to find answers to early-career questions, training them on specific softwares necessary to their success and including them in building corporate culture, companies can maximize fresh energy and the most current research in their field, thus empowering new employees to be successful from the outset of their careers.

This concept is a GAME CHANGER for many companies when it comes to changing around benefit plans, offering incentives for retention, and focusing on what it is going to take to KEEP employees.