Management Topics

Whether you believe leaders are born or made we ALL need help refining their skills!

These presentations are focused on giving Managers the soft-skills needed to better COMMUNICATE, MOTIVATE, and ENGAGE their employees. 

All presentations are 1 hour in length, but can be turned into fantastic half-day to full-day training programs by adding our exercises and discussion topics. 


Interviewing for the 21st century

This presentation assists those who are part of the interview process to develop high-quality questions that can identify soft skill abilities in potential employees. Attendees will discover non-verbal techniques that can set others at ease and receive more of the answers they are looking for.


Motivating Employees

Motivation, Purpose, Fulfillment...these three words are key to the long-term success of employees and companies. This training helps supply managers with effective methods to motivate employees on a daily basis. 


Giving Better Feedback

If you're giving feedback to your teammates only once a year, then chances are you're experiencing problems. However, individual personalities often make us give and receive feedback differently. This presentation examines sure-fire ways to deliver honest, constructive feedback in a way that makes feedback productive. 


Conducting Effective Meetings

It’s estimated that employees are spending more than 1/3 of their workweek in meetings. Many would say that most meetings are not as productive as they could be and some are completely unnecessary (i.e., should have been an e-mail). This presentation gives helpful tips to maximize the effectiveness of your meetings in regard to time and productivity.

attracting recruiting.png

Attracting & Retaining Top Talent

With massive changes in the generational makeup of the American workforce on the horizon, making great hires and retaining those employees takes on a new importance. This training examines practices that could be hindering making and keeping those hires. 

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Planning for Upcoming Skill Gaps

This training helps teams plan for skills that will need to be covered as Baby Boomers and GenX employees begin retiring. It will also focus on methods that ensure a healthy transfer of skills can be accomplished without Boomers feeling pushed out and Millennials feeling dragged along. Planning for the future is vital! Sometimes an honest conversation among team members is all that is necessary to ensure future success.