Presentation Topics

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Generational Diversity

Boomers, GenXers and Millennials are having quite a hard time getting along in the workplace. We explore:

  • How Generations Are Different At Work

  • Motivating Employees of Every Generation

  • Fundraising Approaches for Different Generations

  • Advertising to Different Generations


Micro-Aggressions & Workplace Bullying

Micro-aggressions are statements, actions or incidents regarded as an instance if indirect, subtle or unintentional discrimination that keeps certain people groups feeling powerless. This is one of the top diversity topics in today’s workplace


Communication Soft Skills

Often referred to as “soft skills” in the workplace we refer to them as “ESSENTIAL Skills”. The main reason people leave work is not because of the work, but because they hate the people they work with. By training employees on more effective Communication skills we can decrease turnover and increase employee engagement. We train on:

  • What Good Leaders Know

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Listening More Effectively

  • Giving Better Feedback

  • Interviewing to Find The Right “FIT”

  • Controlling your Non-Verbal Communication

  • Increasing Presentation Skills to Maximize Impact



Sometimes you need more direct help with discovering what your team needs. genWHY can meet with leadership, conduct focus groups and interviews and make suggestions on how your organization can better integrate the skills we specialize in.

Additionally, if you have conferences frequently and want feedback on how your speakers can improve their speaking style, facilitate better groups, and improve overall conference experience we can work with you.

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Public Speaking Coaching

Let’s face it, many of us need to brush up on our public speaking skills at least a little bit. genWHY conducts virtual team and individual trainings as well as face to face workshops that will increase your confidence and public speaking skills.