Our Research Is Our Own

We didn't just pull this stuff off the internet folks!!! Our research has been conducted BY US to ensure that it reflects the

ACTUAL statements, perceptions, & observations of the generations, as opposed to just using common stereotypes and media portrayals.

How was our research conducted?

Early in her career as an instructor at the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH),  Kristin Scroggin began researching her students. She obtained approval from the UAH Internal Review Board (IRB) to conduct surveys, interviews, and focus groups with adults over the age of 19. As of 2018, more than 10 online surveys (primarily using Survey Monkey & Google Forms) have been completed by individuals 33 and younger.  Over 4,000 individuals were surveyed, and over 75% of them were millennials.

Responses were sorted to include the following:

  1.  Individuals between 19-33 years of age were classified as Millennials. 
  2.  Individuals between 34-54 years of age were classified as GenX.
  3.  Individuals between 55-75 years of age were classified as Baby Boomers.
  4.  Individuals between 76-96 years of age were classified as Traditionalist.
  5.  Individuals must have spent at least 90% of their childhood (ages 0-15 yrs) in the United States.
  6.  Individuals raised in all areas of the country (West, Midwest, South, East) were surveyed. Approximately 45% of those surveyed were from the Southern United States.
  7.  Individuals with and without college educations were surveyed.
  8.  Questions were asked on multiple topics including: basic demographics, childhood norms, socio-economic background, culture, desires for work, family, housing, travel, workplace expectations, social media

Multiple interviews and focus groups were conducted to confirm consistency with survey results and further refine the dividing lines between generations. In addition, the continual delivery to audiences with varying work backgrounds allowed for further sorting. A few of the Industries represented include: aerospace, government contracting, technology, manufacturing, healthcare, government, hospitality, education, and non-profit organizations.

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Participate in Our Current Survey

Right now we are in the middle of collecting responses from 19-33 year olds and would love it if you would participate and share it with friends in that age group. The more data we have, the more accurately we can reflect the wants and needs of this generation. To participate just click here:

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Key Sources

In addition to our own research, we rely on the information from many other valuable *AND TRUSTED* resources to refine our presentations and consulting. 

In particular we pull from: