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Believe it or not, because we have so much research, it is actually harder to pair down our content then to make it longer. Our standard presentations are 1.5 hours long (don't worry your audience will be CAPTIVATED the entire time). However, we know that sometimes you only have an hour to fill. Shortening to 30 minutes takes major work and crossing over 2 hours does the same. We love to do it, but the standard ones are 1-1.5 hours.  

Can I have the SLIDES?

The short answer to this is, no, we can't. Presentations are the LIFE-BLOOD of professional speakers. If we give you all the goods then what do you need us for? You CAN, however, get some awesome supplemental material like handouts and reminder sheets by checking out resources on our site. While you're there, check out our upcoming podcasts, videos, and online learning. 


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While we are ALL ABOUT transparency in price, the honest answer to this is "it depends."  Your cost will be calculated based on the following things:

A) Who do you want as a speaker? Speakers with more experience, such as Kristin, cost more than those who are currently gaining keynote experience. If price is a major factor, please take into consideration that ALL of our speakers are amazing, and you CAN likely find one that will meet your budget. 

B)  How far away is your presentation venue from Huntsville, AL? genWHY does not charge for travel within Madison County, AL.  Any travel outside of Madison County will require mileage reimbursement.  Additionally, if your venue is more than 3 hours one way from Madison County OR is an early morning presentation in another city, you will be requested to provide hotel stay and mileage. Airfare may also be negotiated as a part of our price. 

c) Are you buying trainings as a part of a package? We offer discounts to organizations that buy more than one training at a time. For example, if you estimate you're going to need 5 total hours of training from us this year then you will SAVE more buying it all in one package up front (especially as demand grows).

d) Will you require follow-up consulting? Costs for Keynotes and Half-day/Full-day training programs are different than hourly consulting rates. Please be sure to ask us how much the cost would be based on how many hours you are anticipating needing our one-on-one consulting. 

e) How big is your event and how much customization will it require? Groups of 20 have different needs than groups of 2,000. Luckily, genWHY Communication speakers can appeal to both! If your topic is highly specialized, for example, Homebuilding for Future Generations, Communicating in Social Work, Leading & Motivating Aerospace Employees, or Generational Fundraising for Nonprofit Organizations, then your costs may be different due to the extensive research we will need to do to to ensure that the presentation strikes the right chord with your audience.