46% of the American Population

is UNDER 33 years of age

Yeah, you should read that again! 


The Millennials are the Majority

As of the December 2017 Census projections, Millennials (32-12 years old) make up 27.2% of the United States population and Generation Z (11 and under) make up another 18.7%. So if you’re doing the math this means that approximately 46% of the United States is currently under 33 years of age. Let’s just let that that sink in for a moment.

Are companies operating as if their survival is dependent on cultivating and empowering young talent, or are we living under the assumption that the Boomers are still the majority? Here's the truth of it, In 2030 ALL Baby Boomers will be legally eligible to retire.  While many won’t retire right away (many because they can’t afford to do so), if even 1/3 of them are gone by then many companies will have a huge problem. At genWHY we have worked with companies that are anticipating losing 50% of their current leadership in the next five years. If this were your company, what would its future look like? 

genWHY believes Millennials ARE THE FUTURE of America, and while they are already shaking up the way we currently think of work, we, at genWHY, don’t necessarily think that is a bad thing. Our research makes one thing very clear…Millennials are REFORMERS, not CONFORMERS. You will never get that square peg into that round hole. The Millennials ARE coming, they ARE massive (the majority--and with that comes a lot of power), and they ARE different.  If companies want to employ the best of the best of them, they HAVE to find out how to attract and retain them. 

No longer can companies say, “They will learn to do it our way or they can leave." NO--either companies adjust or cease to exist. 

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