Sometimes what you really need is an outside perspective. genWHY is able to assist your organization by providing consulting on generational change management consulting, presentation skills observation, and presentation aid analysis.


Generational Change Management Consulting

After you hear our presentation about the upcoming changes in the workplace then change management will likely become a priority. Bringing in a genWHY expert to facilitate a "what's next" conversation, or provide feedback on internal recommendations, is an excellent way to begin preparing your organization for 2030 and beyond. genWHY experts are available to sit in on face-to-face meetings, video chats, and conference calls. Additionally we can provide written or real-time feedback and recommendations to the company based on their individual needs. 

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Presentation Skill Observation

Expectations for presentation quality has come a long way in the past 20 years. Audiences no longer tolerate boring, monotone presentations, even if the content is brilliant and helpful. Presenters must find ways to engage their audiences, hold their attention, and leave a quality impression. A great way to use our services is to have genWHY experts observe your employee presentations and provide written feedback. We are available to attend conferences or individual events to observe speakers and provide constructive, but sensitive, feedback that will help your speakers become their personal best.

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Presentation Aid Analysis

Have you ever delivered a presentation where you thought "this is so boring I'm boring MYSELF"? Have you ever sat through you bosses presentation and think "this is going to go horribly wrong". genWHY founder, Kristin Scroggin, has been training college students on the newest technology and best presentation formats for the past twelve years as a Communications Professor and we can certainly help you polish up your content. Presentations can be observed or sent to genWHY experts for reformatting or for suggestions depending on how much feedback you request.