Save time by scheduling social media

The response has been awesome to our productivity series. I hope you're loving it! 

So now that you know you need to get knowledge from experts while you are working on other mindless tasks like driving and you know the importance of building a tribe of helpers let me let you in on my productivity hack #3. 

3) I schedule all my social media to go out automatically for the month. I use a program called Hootsuite that I have connected to all of my social media platforms (both personal and private), but there are many other scheduling platforms out there. Yep, I even sometimes schedule my personal social media posts.

Here's my process if you're wanting an idea of how you could use this:

I sit down at the beginning of the month and schedule something for every day to come out. If I have something that happens organically (like taking a selfie in a presentation) I post that too, but this way I don't have it lingering in my mind all the time that I need to go post something on social media. I know at least one thing is going out every day on every platform.

To do this that means I have to BUNCH my design tasks. I literally sit down at the beginning of the month and design my Instagram//Facebook/LinkedIn posts to drop into my social media on every day at a certain time of day without me having to manually do anything. It takes a huge load off. I design all of my graphics in CANVA which is mostly free and easy to use to design really good looking graphics without graphic design experience.

I also BUNCH other tasks. I send off all my printing for the month at the same time to UAH Print Services (still my favorite print shop). I do all of my podcast recording for the month over the course of a couple of days then schedule it all to come out. I sit and write/ edit content for you on a weekly basis, not a daily. This way I can stay focused on the task at hand and still be open at certain times for whatever weird thing pops up like my kids in trouble at school and I gotta go handle that!

Oh as I side note, I also DO NOT LOOK AT SOCIAL MEDIA IN THE MORNING because it totally sucks me down a rabbit hole and then I can't get out. I also find it bums me out sometimes (especially if something has happened politically and everyone is talking about it, or Game of Thrones which I STILL haven't watched). So I'm very careful with my morning time because I know it sets the tone for the rest of the day. 

Ok this is a big one. I would love to hear from you if you're going to implement this in your own life and get some of your time back. Please do message me and tell me how it's going for you! 

Have an awesome Monday! Get out there and #WINATLIFE