It's not always going to be high tide

It's not always going to be high tide. 

5) You have to pay attention to what SEASON you are in and be content with your productivity in that season. One of the things I have learned speaking professionally is there is a busy season and there are slow seasons. This literally SMACKED me in the face last July after I planned an expensive teambuilding retreat at the beach and failed to notice that there was not one paying client scheduled for the entire MONTH of July and many people on the payroll who needed to make their bills. 

In my profession, things are crazy certain months and dead silent other months. Failure to take advantage of those high seasons and low seasons can be crushing for my business. Basically if its big family vacation season I won't have many bookings that month. March (spring breaks across the country), July (everyone in the country is actually out that month), and Thanksgiving to Christmas (because, um, holidays). 

Do you know the busy and slow seasons of your own work? Do you know when you reflect on what is working and what needs to be thrown out vs when you need to be doing full-court-press on potential clients? We love to think that we're in control of everything, but the fact is life, like seasons, comes in cycles. There will be a spring where new ideas are everywhere, a summer when you are productive, autumn where you reap the harvest of your hard work and winter where you let old bad plans lay down and die and plant new bulbs of ideas in the ground to let them begin gaining momentum. 

What about you? Do you plan your year around the natural ebb and flow of work in your own company? Is there something that you need to modify to let each season do its job in the production cycle?

I hope you have really enjoyed this series. If you have ideas of other topics you'd love to hear more on please, reply to this email, and let me know. I want to make sure I'm providing value. 

Have an amazing weekend and enjoy your time off really allowing yourself to have a season of renewal.