Why I take 17 minute long breaks

It's FRIDAY! Congratulations you made it another week! 

Before I let you listen to our new podcast with the AMAZING Bekah Schmidt I have another productivity hack that I promised you! If you're struggling to keep your head above water here's one of the biggest things I've learned so far in my journey. 

2). I use the 52 min on 17 minutes off rule when I work
I am one of those people who have bursts of energy and inspiration and before when that happened I could sit for hours. Hours. I mean barely get up to go to the bathroom kind of focus when inspiration hits. However that not only means my legs are going to fall asleep and my children may or may not get fed, but it's actually NOT the most productive way to work. 
This is similar to the Pomodoro Method but takes into account that many people have longer attention spans than others when they get down to business. 
According to a study done by The Muse using a time tracking app, 10% of their users were able to get more work done by doing short bursts of work while also taking more breaks. Why? Because during that 52 minutes you’re working with better focus and purpose. And then taking a short break boosts up your energy to go another round. In a way, it’s simple science.

I consider checking social media and email BREAKS in this rule so that keeps me focused on whatever the task at hand is during the 52 minutes. This allows me to get to time-sensitive emails once an hour, but ones that are not time-sensitive can wait until my major tasks have been completed. 

Essentially what this does is allow me to create WORKFLOW. Am I always in this flow? No, absolutely not there are things that distract me, but I am striving to stick to this productivity plan and take actual breaks to let my mind refresh and renew consistently. 

Try it out for a week! What do you think?! I genuinely want to hear it its boosting your productivity. 

I'm so excited to tell you about the new podcast series I'm doing. I'm interviewing people from every generation who I believe have just been WINNING AT LIFE and asking them to share their life journey, tips and perspectives on the genTHEM podcast. PS. Bekah wants me to make sure I tell you she is NOT winning at life and is usually covered in her children's chemo-dust covered hands, but I think she's pretty darn special. So I'm gonna say she's winning because she KEEPS MOVING FORWARD!!
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