How are you DOING all of this?: Productivity Hacks Series

This morning I had someone ask me "How are you doing all this?" for about the 600th time. 

As usual, I replied with, "I don't really know. I'm just doing it." Which is true, but not true at the same time. There are certain things that I have learned from many brilliant people, coaches, podcasters, writers about things that I can do that increases my productivity. So I decided to write a series for you on my top 5 productivity tips just in case you were looking for some ways to help your own life! 

So today (before I jump my flight to San Fransisco in the next few hours) I thought I'd share with you the first quick productivity hack I use that makes it possible for me to "do all this" (and then one will come every other day (except the weekends) until the end of the series. So if this is helping you then keep an eye out on your inbox. 

1) I let experts teach me while I'm doing something else. 
     I've become a huge fan of audiobooks and podcasts. While I'm driving, while I'm working out in the morning while I'm on a rest break, while I'm eating lunch, I listen to someone else who knows MORE THAN ME in an area I could improve my life/business in and then APPLY what they teach me. What a concept right? 
     So while many people are irritated every time they get an email-list-email in their inbox, I'm clamoring for it because I know it potentially has (FREE) value to add to my life and make me work smarter not harder. (I hope you feel the same way about the emails I'm sending you!) 
     My current favorite HANDS DOWN is a podcast called GOAL DIGGER by Jenna Kutcher. You can listen to tips that are literally moving the needle in my own business by clicking HERE 

What about you? Do you have a favorite audiobook/podcast that I should really be listening to? Email me back and let me know and I'll compile them all and share them with the rest of this list. 

I hope you have an amazingly productive day! You got this! Stay positive!